Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Wiggles

The Wiggles came to Washington DC today and for those of you who have been around Ian know he LOVES the Wiggles. (Tickets went on sale the morning after Abbie Grace was born and we were frantically trying to find someone to order them for us since we were in the hospital if that gives you any idea!) Ian was really pumped to go see them PLUS we got to ride the Metro, who we call Thomas the Train, so it was an extra special event. He was mesmerized the entire hour and a half. He clapped some but was more in awe that he was actually seeing them. It was an incredible show. Afterwards we went to a sandwich shop and he had a PB&J and cookies. What a big day for the little guy! (Abbie Grace was there too but only woke up once to cry from her mean shots!)


Abbie Grace had her first round of shots today and was not very happy! They gave her 3 shots that contained 8 vaccines and then the Roto virus vaccine orally. The nurse told me normally they don't cry until the third shot but not Abbie Grace. She screamed bloody murder from the first stick until well after the last! Mommy cried too though:)

Here's her stats:
Weight: 12 pounds 6.4 ounces 90th percentile
Length: 24 inches 97th percentile
Head: 40.2 CM 90th percentile

2 Months Old

Sad but true...Abbie Grace is 2 months old today. We are off for her 2 month appointment shortly.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sleepy Girl

Abbie Grace did not want to go to sleep tonight so I sat her in her bouncy chair while I exercised but got these cut pics of her while she was dozing off...finally! And yes she is attempting to suck her thumb! Just like her brother:)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Yesterday we drove up to Philadelpia for the day. We saw Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and took a tour on one of those Duck vehicles that goes from the road to the water. It was a lot of fun. Ian had a blast once we got to the water. Thankfully he did not destroy anything in Independence Hall:)


Beach Trip

We went to visit Joe's grandparents last week and took the kids to the beach. The sand was so hot we couldn't take our shoes off. Ian was scared of the ocean so we only stayed for an hour! Abbie Grace chilled in her tent...yes she is giving the peace sign in the picture! Ian went down the water twice with Joe but a wave got him one time and then the tide came up and knocked down his sand castles the second!