Thursday, January 25, 2007

7 months

Abbie Grace was 7 months old on Tuesday! She isn't really interested in crawling but that is ok with us:)

Ian is about 70% potty trained!! WOO HOO! Something clicked a few weeks ago and he is getting better daily. Still no number 2's in the potty but that is ok! I'm sure he will appreciate me airing his business on this blog when he is a teenager:)

Here are a few pics of AG...we had some snow this past weekend.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Washington Weather....

So yesterday it was 70 degrees here! I am disappointed because I knew we would have snow by now but Joe keeps telling me to be careful what I ask for! We went for a 4 mile walk down by the Potomac River yesterday. It's still cool that we can look over and see the Washington Monument, all the memorials, Arlington Cemetery, and everything else DC has to offer! Of course, the traffic is still here too!

Sitting UP

Abbie Grace is officially sitting up on her own! She is like a different baby! So content to play with her toys and laugh with Ian...

Zoom Around the Room

On Saturday Ian started a class at our rec center called "Zoom around the Room". It's a padded room with big soft blocks and a huge ball pit. He had a blast. He was definitely the most outgoing and rambunctious! He's one of the older ones in the class too. Instead of easing into the ball pit he jumps off the side and does a cannon ball! At the beginning of the class the teacher said they only have 10 minutes of organized time and I was thinking that would not be enough because "my child" could handle more than that...well, I had to eat my words! He was not a big fan of organized fun which surprised me since he goes to daycare and does well there but I think it had something to do with Joe and I being there. It wore him out and he had a great time though! The next 9 weeks should be lots of fun.