Wednesday, September 14, 2005

17 Months...where does the time go?

Can you beleive it? Ian is 17 months old today. Joe and I are truly blessed by this little guy and his silly antics! Tonight we celebrated 17 months with a chocolate donut. As you can see from teh picture he really enjoyed it! He also got to sit at the table (or stand) while we had dinner so he thought he was a big boy. Ian has started responding to us so much. When we tell him to come her he does! WOO HOO! But along with that he also has his own little streak of rebellion but when he has to go to time out he sits there and then gets hugs afterwards.

He loves the Veggie Tales so we sing those to daycare and home. His favorite is the wheels on the bus so he goes around saying "sh sh sh" like the mommy on the bus. Tonight he was singing EIEIOOOOO...And he says PEASE!!!! What a cutie! When he calls me he doesn't just say mommy, he says mommy mommy mommy.

Sunday he took his first fall down the stairs. I did not put the gate back up and he followed me upstairs, got his football from his room, and then tried to go down the stairs on his belly carrying the football. This did not work well so he tumbled most of the way down. Once we figured out he was ok we picked him up and he said "ball"! He is 110% boy!

More to all!

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