Monday, December 19, 2005

The Ice Palace

Saturday night we decided to take Ian to see the "Ice!" display in Nashville. This is the most amazing display of 1.5 million pounds of ice that is sculptured into lifesize things. They even had 3 slides made completely of ice. Ian had such a good time going down the slide. About halfway down he got stuck and turned over on his belly and shimmied down. It was very funny. The temperature in the building was 15 degrees so they gave you an extra parka when you go in. We had lots of fun!

Joe and I went to the dr today and got to see the little baby again. He/She was being stubborn and moving away from the doppler heartbeat machine so they had to do an ultrasound. He was fine, just hiding up higher than the dr expected. The baby was kicking and moving around although I could not feel anything. At one point he put his hands near his mouth like he was going to suck his thumb. Dr. Anderson said it was too early for that but he was close. Hopefully we will find out what the little darling is in about 6 weeks.

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