Friday, January 27, 2006

Cars, Trucks, and Trains

Ian has found a new love of trucks. He particularly likes the matchbox cars and trucks but if it has 4 wheels he loves it! His Aunt Kerry gave him a dump truck that rolls by itself so he loads all of his matchbox cars in the back of it! Then he goes over to the Little People garage Aunt Amy gave him and takes them through the car wash and gets them gas. It is amazing to see his little mind at work! Whenever we see a fire engine he makes a horn noise and gets so excited.

Baby is doing well. Moving more each day. As you can see from the picture I have grown quite a bit in the past few weeks. Only 4 more days and we will see whether it's a boy or girl!

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Abigail said...

At that age Jackson loved trucks too!!! He was alos big into tools too.