Friday, April 14, 2006

Ian's Second Birthday

Today was Ian's second birthday! It is so hard to beleive! I think I am just as tired today as I was the day he was born. He had a birthday party at school complete with a Nemo and Dory cake. After that he came home and we ran him around a bit to burn off some sugar! Next, it was time for Chuck E Cheese...he ran and ran and ran for 2 hours from game to ride and then back again. We all had so much fun though. When we left Chuck E Cheese it was off to Toys R Us to get Ian his first tricycle. We were going to wait until after we moved but decided to go ahead and get it here. What's one more thing for the movers to move, huh?

He is such a sweet little boy and we have been so blessed these past two years. The joy and laughter he brings with each day is priceless! Soon we will have double the pleasure when Miss Abbie Grace comes along!


Tiffany Murphy said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Ian!!!

Jo A McCoy said...

Happy Birthday Ian. Are you sure it has been two years?? Let us keep him 1 and we all stay young!!

Abigail said...

Happy 2nd birthday Ian!!!