Saturday, September 23, 2006

3 months old

Abbie Grace is 3 months old today. Time has certainly flown by! We are all doing well...finally into a routine with work, daycare, and family time. Joe's schooling is going well...lots of work though. Ian is still in love with Thomas the train and talks about him all the time, even in his sleep! Abbie Grace is rolling from side to side but not completely over yet...thank goodness. I am not ready for any major milestones of mobility with her!
I spent the morning at a place called "Let's Dish" and prepared 24 meals for us. I had never heard of this before but apparently it is growing across America. Basically you sign up online and choose the meals you want to make from a pre-selected menu. Then you get there and there are stations setup where you make each dish and package it to be frozen. The meat is prepackaged but if you want a lot of onions or not a lot of something else you can make it to taste. After you package it you put a label on it with cooking instructions, put it in the freezer, and then go and make your next meal. So for the next 24 meals they are basically ready and all I have to do is cook them (oven, crock pot, etc) but more than half the work is done! If you want to check it out go to I am already signed up for October I enjoyed it so much. But if you go be prepared to move for the full 2 hours...not a lot of social time.

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