Monday, May 21, 2007

Myrtle Beach

We are on our first family vacation with both children in Myrtle Beach and started it off with a visit to the emergency room Saturday night. All is well but Ian fell in the tub when he was getting out and bit through his bottom lip. It is the end of bike week here so needless to say the ER was a little busy! By the time the dr saw Ian 3 hours later it had already started to close itself so no stiches were needed! Thank the Lord! So he is just on antibiotics for 10 days and has to eat lots of popsicles (apparently they have a healing effect on a mouth wound). Ian loves getting popsicles all the time! Here are some pics of our trip so far...

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Deanna said...

Those popsicle prescriptions are the best! Glad he's okay.

Have a great vacation!