Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas to all our wonderful family and friends! We had a great morning. It is so different now on Christmas morning with Ian and Abbie Grace opening presents. They make us laugh so much. The first thing they saw when they walked into the room as a M&M's fire truck which they immediately both wanted! We had to refocus them to the gifts for them but they still kept coming back to that fire truck! If we would have known what a big hit the fire truck was going to be! Ian loved his transformers and trucks he recieved. Abbie Grace received 3 phones on different toys so she is a very happy girl. She walks around with all of them and puts them to her ear and says "Hewo". We are still putting together some of the toys as the kitchen took all of our energy last night! It's nap time for all right now though before we go over to Joe's grandmas for dinner. Tomorrow we all rest!

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