Thursday, June 19, 2008

What's happening with the Beckers?

Sorry for not posting more often and only posting pics when I do anything but I figure you can get the gist of our lives from the pics!
Since returning from vacation Evan continues to have an ear infection. He's been on antibiotics off and on since our ER trip in SC back on March 17th. We go back next week to see if it's finally cleared up and discuss tubes. He has cut his top 2 teeth which didn't help him feel that great either but they are here now. He's trying to get in the position to crawl which is so cute. I'll try to get some pics of that. We started table food this week too so now he hates baby food and screams when they give it to him at daycare...Definitely a morning baby and screams most nights from 5-7:30 unless he is being held. So most nights he is attached via the baby bjorn or the back pack so that I can get stuff done. Still has great big blue eyes that make your heart melt:)

Abbie Grace is potty training and doing fabulous! The Lord knew we needed a break after Ian! She does really well at school and only has about 1 accident per day because she doesn't get the pooping thing's still early though! At home we tend to have power struggles to get her to go but most of the time she will go. She definitely has the middle child personality and tries to fix everything and be a little mama. Her speech gets clearer every week and she loves to sing.

Ian is getting to be such a big boy...he picks out his own clothes and dresses himself every morning. He knows which are schools shirts and which are church shirts and does pretty good about matching things. He starts pre-K in a few weeks. It's hard to believe, huh! He loves to do things with Daddy and is a big helper...most days. It's always sweet when he wants to curl up in my lap though and snuggle since it doesn't happen very often.

Joe and I are good too. We stay pretty busy with work and the kids. I am trying to get caught up on my scrapbooking. I'm trying to do individual books for all the kids so it's pretty time consuming! They better appreciate these things:) Ian does enjoy looking through his books though so it' worth it. I always throw projects into the mix if we ever have a free few hours so there's not too much rest for us! We have both been running (exercising) a lot lately and take the kids with us which is fun. My next race is the Marine Corp 10K in October so that should be fun. I may try and do some shorter races before then but we will see. We still have a small group on Sunday nights which we love and are volunteering at church some too.

So as you can see our lives are crazy busy right now. It's just a season though and one day we will look back and laugh at these days! We would love to have visitors if anyone needs a summer vacation!

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