Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We went hiking with all 3 kids in Great Falls, MD a few weeks back when my niece was visiting. When we got to the start of the trail it said "Danger - This is one of the most treacherous trails east of the Mississippi". I asked Joe if we should turn back...he said no, they were exaggerating! HA HA! (Spoken like a true male) About 1.5 miles into our adventure, after Abbie Grace had already taken a spill and had a nice goose egg on her forehead, being asked multiple time by people coming the opposite way on the trail if we were sure we wanted to take 3 kids any further we decided to stop and let Joe go check out the next little trek. He came back to report there was a "small cliff" we would have to climb up but he didn't think it would be a problem for us. Now, he's carrying our 28 pound child on his back, Jess and I are switching back and forth with Abbie Grace, and Ian is having a grand ole' time! After much debate we decided he and Ian would finish the hike and Jess and I would take the other kids back the way we came, which meant I was then carrying the 28 pound chunky monkey on MY back and AG in my arms at times for the next 1.5 miles. We all made it back safely though and had some good pics of our adventure. I don't think Jess will ever go hiking with us again though!

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