Saturday, June 03, 2006

Ian's Water Table

Ian received a water table for his birthday from Grandma and Popie and Joe and I just got brave enough to put it together! He has had such a good time with it though. Since we don't have a large back yard (we actually have about an 8X8 space) it is perfect to let him play outside with. Plus it's under the deck that is on the 2nd floor so it is cool for mom:)

We try and take Ian to the park around the corner often...lately he has had a hard time with the swing concept and that he can't run in front of or behind them when others are on them. Last time we went he darted and we all had to grab a child in the swings to keep them from hitting him. It scared him pretty bad so hopefully the lesson was learned.

Abbie Grace only has 20 days until her arrival! We have her pack and play setup in the office/playroom/tv room and Ian has decided that it will be a car garage until she arrives. When we tell him she is coming he says "No no Ab Grace is stuck". He's quite cute.


Abigail said...

He is so cute!! Looks like he had a lot of fun playing in all of that water!!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! He is so cute. He looks like the sweetest thing. Adorable!!!!!!!!!!