Monday, June 26, 2006

Waiting Patiently....NOT

The day of Abbie Grace's arrival was a lot of hurry up and wait! We called the hospital at 4am and they told us to be there at 5:15. When we got there an emergency had come up which pushed us to the 2nd c-section of the day. Well, while that one was occuring 2 more emergencies came up! Thankfully we were not in an emergency situation so we just stayed in the room until they finally came and got us at 1:30. Joe scrubbed in while I got ready and then we met back up in the OR to have Abbie Grace. There were quite a few drs and nurses in the OR who were making bets as to her size. The highest was 11 pounds and the lowest was 9. pediatric corpsman got her weight exactly right though...9lb 14 ozs. She arrived at 2:10 pm but since it's the miliary they said 14:10 and I thought that was her weight! I almost passed out but everyone had a good laugh about it.


Tiffany Murphy said...


You are glowing in this picture. So happy!! Your little girl is beautiful --


mom said...

you look so pretty-- love mom

Taylor said...


Hello from Iraq, it is so great to see how well you all are doing. I have checked you blog a couple of times. I didn't know you had one till last week. And I didn't know you could leave comments till just now. I died out laughing at the military time/weight comment. I hope all countinues to go well. Ya'll have a beautiful little girl. Congratulations. I look forward to seeing all of you soon.


Shawna said...

She is beautiful! And you look great! Take care and keep the updates coming.

Love & miss you,