Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We're still here!

The kids and I are in New Jersey for a couple of weeks which is why I haven't posted. I'll post some pictures soon from our trip. I started a new job so had to come to New Jersey for training. Ian loves having an indoor pool at his access! He jumps off the side now and is pretty fearless. (he still has swimmies on!) Abbie Grace sits on the steps for the most part but will eventually start floating. Evan is getting so big! He is 11 weeks today and is trying to roll over. When people see him they think he is 6 months old he is so big! He has passed Ian and Abbie Grace on weight and size when they were his age! He may have started off small but he's caught up. He loves to sit up and watch his big brother and sister play. More later...

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